Got Allergies? Improve Your Air Quality to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

Got Allergies? Improve Your Air Quality to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

You might start sneezing and coughing and think that you’re coming down with a seasonal cold. But even if the trees and flowers aren’t blooming outside, what could really be happening is that you’re suffering from seasonal allergies.

You can’t change what’s happening with Mother Nature, but you can protect your indoor space so that there are fewer allergens and you are able to breathe a little easier. Here are several things you can do to improve your indoor air quality to manage your seasonal allergies:

Open the Windows More

It may seem counterintuitive to open your windows, which could just let in more pollen and other allergens. But opening the windows can actually let a breeze blow through your home and blow allergens back outside where they belong. They won’t be trapped inside and bothering you.

If there is a high pollen day, it’s better to leave the windows closed. But otherwise, opening the windows can improve your indoor air quality significantly.

Get Plants

Many plants actually improve indoor air quality. They can take some of the harmful elements out of the air, including mold, and send back fresh air. Some of the best plants for improving indoor air quality include the peace lily, spider plant, areca palm, sword fern, and aloe vera.

Succulents like aloe vera are great for those who don’t have a green thumb. So long as they have plenty of light and are watered every other week, they’ll be fine.

Keep Your House Tidy

You are going to track in dirt and other contaminants on your shoes and clothes. You can keep your air clean by keeping your house clean. Vacuum and sweep the floors regularly, mop, and dust. You should also vacuum the upholstery regularly and invest in the occasional upholstery shampooing. Wash your sheets and pillows at least once a week, as well.

Remember that dust mites and other critters can cause allergies, and these can be attracted to carpets and furniture.

Groom Your Pets

Pet hair itself can cause allergies, as can all the pollen, dander, and other things they track inside. You can reduce allergens and keep your pets smelling nice by having them groomed regularly. Make sure they get regular baths and either have their fur brushed or cut. You’ll cut down on shedding, and you’ll get rid of the other debris that your pet spreads around your home.

Use Fans and Exhaust Vents

The exhaust fan over your stove should be turned on every time you cook. It helps to suck out toxic fumes and other elements that can contaminate your indoor air. You should also be turning on the exhaust vent in your bathroom whenever you get a shower or a bath to reduce moisture in the space that can contribute to mold and bacteria.

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter is designed to pull impurities out of the air. When you change it, you can see that it’s doing its job by all the dust that is attached to it. The air filter can’t do its job if it’s clogged with debris. Change it at least once a month to ensure that it is getting as much out of the air as it can.

Stop Smoking Inside

You may be used to the smell of smoke, but it contributes to a toxic environment in your home. No matter what kind of air fresheners you spray or how much you clean your carpets and linens, the smoke will linger. The best thing you can do is to stop smoking inside completely. If you must light up, head outside to do so, and ask your guests to do the same.

Clean Your Air Ducts

There’s a lot more than cool air coming through your air ducts. Those ducts can fill up with bacteria, mold, and more that can bring down the quality of your indoor air. You need to perform regular Gilbert air conditioner maintenance to optimize your air quality and to make your HVAC system more efficient. Aim to clean your ducts at least once a year – more if you have a lot of pets, are a smoker, or have some other reason that your air quality suffers.

With improved indoor air quality, you can breathe easy when you are in your home, your sanctuary. You will suffer from fewer allergies, and you can reduce your risk of illness from things like bacteria and mold. All you need to do is make a few habit changes, and you can enjoy fresh air inside all the time.

Call Air Fit Air Conditioning in Gilbert if you need to have your air ducts cleaned. With our Gilbert HVAC maintenance, we can remove the dust, bacteria, and all other contaminants that can make you sneeze and cough and fall ill. The duct cleaning will also make your system run more smoothly, which will save you money and help you enjoy more consistent temperatures. Call us today to make an appointment!

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