Ductless Service In Gilbert, AZ

Ductless Service in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and Surrounding Areas

What Will a Ductless Service Consist Of?

DuctlessYour ductless air system represents one of the largest appliance purchases that you will ever make for your home. So it would be in the best interest of this investment to keep it properly serviced for many years of trouble-free operation.

Aside from the regular monthly things that you do such as keeping the filters cleaned, there are some more in-depth issues that your service technician can address when you schedule a ductless service.

Here are a few things that will happen during your ductless service.

Checking the Overall System Health

The service technician will inspect all the electrical components of your ductless air system and can alert you to any problems that it may have ar that may need attention in the future. They will also offer to repair or replace these troublesome components while they are there, saving you an additional service fee.

The service technician will also make sure that your unit has the proper amount of refrigerant for maximum cooling efficiency as well as check for any refrigerant leaks.

Your service technician will also make sure that your indoor unit is properly draining condensate water and that the drain is not blocked.

Cleaning of the Coils

The coils of your ductless air system need to be clean and free of any dirt and debris. The coils are where all the heat is removed from your home and replace by cool, crisp conditioned air.

Both the indoor and outdoor units have coils and as part of your ductless service the technician will make sure that those coils are bright and shiny before he leaves!

There are more issues that your technician will address as part of your ductless service. Please feel free to contact us at Air Fit Air Conditioning for all of your ductless service needs.