Cooling Your Garage: Cool Floor Coatings vs. Air Conditioning

Cooling Your Garage: Cool Floor Coatings vs. Air Conditioning

Working in the garage can become unbearable after just a few minutes during the summer time. The temperatures around Arizona can hit the trip digits, and those garage walls are not very forgiving. Opening up the garage door doesn’t do much to help, especially when there’s no breeze outside.

Fortunately, you have a lot of options to cool down your garage and make it a much more pleasant atmosphere. Chief among those options are installing an air conditioning unit or apply cool Gilbert epoxy floor coating. Here is some more information on both of these great options:

Cool Floor Coatings

Most garage floors are nothing more than plain concrete. They are usually rough to the touch, and they get dirty fast. They also absorb heat. If you’ve ever walked on your driveway or the sidewalk barefoot on a summer day in Arizona, you know all too well how much the concrete absorbs heat. It can feel like stepping on hot coals.

Your garage floors won’t feel as hot since they aren’t exposed directly to sunlight. However, they will be much warmer than the floors in your home, and that can contribute to the overall heat level in the garage. Not only will the heat remain in the garage, keeping the overall temperature high, but the warm floors will also make you feel even warmer. You can easily cool down or heat up with just your feet – that’s why you stick your feel in a pool and feel better and why heated floors feel so amazing in cold climates. So just cooling down the floors can be enough to cool down your body.

Gilbert concrete epoxy floor coatings are a cost-effective way to beat the heat while also improving the look of your garage and lowering your maintenance. The coatings give your floor a professional shine, and they are temperature-resistant, helping to bring down the heat you feel when you step into your garage. You’ll also find it much easier to clean up your floors when they have been treated with epoxy floor coatings, and your floors won’t be as likely to stain.

Air Conditioning

Of course, there’s nothing like adding cold air to your garage to keep the space cool. However, you have multiple options for putting air conditioning in your garage, including a window unit, a portable unit, or a mini-split system. A window unit and a portable unit are only going to provide limited cooling power, and you will have to cut a big hole in your garage wall to install the window unit. In contrast, a mini-split system provides exceptional cooling while remaining energy efficient, and you can install it anywhere with only a 2-inch hole for tubing. You don’t even need room for the duct work.

A mini-split system can be costly, but most homeowners find the price to be well worth it. By air conditioning the garage, you create a cool buffer around the home, which means that your central AC system won’t have to work as hard and you’ll save on your energy costs. Over time, installing the mini-split could actually save you money.

Ideally, you could install a mini-split AC system and garage floor coatings in Gilbert to maximize the cooling in your garage, as well as benefits like improved energy efficiency and reduced garage maintenance. Plus, you’d create a garage that looks like it came out of the page of a home décor magazine. You’d likely never want to leave your garage again! You’d also be improving the value of your property, whether you plan to sell any time soon or you are just interested in drawing against the equity of the house.

If you are interested in Gilbert epoxy floor coatingsBarefoot Surfaces can help. We are experts in concrete floor finishes and remodeling, and we have a number of options to help you improve the look and functionality of your garage, including keeping it cool. We have numerous floor finishes, including stained and patterned options, as well as garage cabinets and more. We can help you get a beautiful garage for your home or your business. Call us in Gilbert today to learn more about our services or to get an estimate in the Phoenix area.

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