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What to Look For in a Good AC Service

Air ConditioningIt’s the hottest day of the year and your AC decides to take a day off. You suddenly find yourself in need of a good AC service. You have done all you can as far as monthly filter changes to ensure that your AC stays up and running. But now the issue is a little more complicated than simply changing a filter.

Your AC needs to be serviced, so what exactly happens during a good AC service?

Here are some issues that your service technician will address when performing a good AC service.

Plumbing, Electrical, and Refrigerant

A thorough AC service will address all the issues that pertain to the overall health of your system. This includes the proper operation of all plumbing, electrical and refrigerant issues.
  1. Plumbing. Your AC has a drain line to properly drain all the condensate water from your evaporator coils. Sometimes these drain lines can become clogged causing the drain water to back up into the system causing an electrical nightmare. A good AC service will make sure that these drain lines are properly draining and not causing any problems.
  2. Electrical. A good AC service will include checking all the electrical components of your AC system. Everything from the indoor thermostat to the capacitors that operate the compressor will be thoroughly checked in a good AC service.
  3. Refrigerant. Your AC requires a certain amount of refrigerant to operate at peak capacity. The service technician will make sure that your AC has the proper amount of refrigerant as well as checking for any refrigerant leaks that could be impeding your AC system from properly operating.
These are just a few of the areas that will be addressed when you are in need of a good AC service. Feel free to contact us at Air Fit Air Conditioning for any issues with your needed AC service.