AC Repair In Gilbert, AZ

AC Repair in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Air ConditioningHere in Arizona, we depend heavily on our AC units to make our lives bearable during the sweltering heat. Don’t try DIY repairs on your own for serious issues- your AC unit is a vital home necessity. Let the pros take a look, rather than possibly making the problem not only worse but more costly as well.

Some of the Most Common, Telltale Signs That Your AC is in Need of Repair are:

  • Your AC unit is making rattling or banging noises.  This could be caused by several reasons, such as:

    -Loose or broken parts like screws, bearings, the fan, or even the motor
    -Problem with the compressor

  • Your AC unit is blowing warm air.  Well, that defeats the purpose right?

    -This could be due to a leak/low refrigerant levels. It’s important to not just get your coolant levels filled, but also inspected and repaired.
    If not, this problem could reoccur which means that unhealthy coolant chemicals are being leaked into the environment.

    -The evaporator coil may be dirty or clogged.  This can cause your AC lines to ice over.

  • Your AC unit keeps shutting off or tripping the circuit breaker

-This could be an electrical issue in the unit or problems with the wiring.  Don’t keep resetting the breaker; it’s shutting off for safety reasons.

While changing your own AC filter should be something you do on a consistent basis-if your AC stops working, it is something serious.  There are many working parts to your AC unit, and repairs should really be trusted to a professional.

Don’t suffer in the heat and put off needed repairs because you are leery of sales technicians or poor quality workmanship. Here at Air Fit Air Conditioning, all of our repair services come with a guaranteed warranty and our visits are free of up-selling.  Rest assured, we are here to fix the problem and not use your time of need as a sales call.

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